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Beautiful Purple and Yellow Decorations

Purple and yellow are popular color and use for many thing in the world. Yellow is primary color and its between green and orange color. yellow can made from red and green combined. Purle made by combining red and blue color, it is similiar to violet but a little different. Purple and yellow usually combine for many utility. Some people use it for paint, decoration, table and others. Purple and yellow decorations are perfect in the spring and summer. This two color can be match for each other or we can take a dominant color then using the other one as an accent for purple and yellow decorations.

Yellow show the happiness, gentleness, and spontanety, but also with duplicity, envy, and jealosy. Purple usually associated with mystery, magic, and royalty. Purple and yellow has their own history, every one of them are unique and very beautiful. We can use it for wedding decoration, living room decoration, kitchen decoration, or baby shower decorations. Yellow with its bright and purple with a little darker is like another version of yin and yang. The balance of this two color bring some sensational effect to people, that is the reason why many people use purple and yellow decorations.

Purple and Yellow For Another Purpose (Living room, Kitchen, Table, Baby Shower)

Some people use purple and yellow as living room decor. Purple and yellow living room decor are really no hard and fast rules. Living room should be comfortable and give some privacy space for your family or guests. You have to match your sofa, armchairs and ottomans with the background paint. Don’t us too contras color cause the purple and yellow living room decorations is to make living room be the best place to rest, and contras color is not the best choice for that.

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Purple and yellow also the one of briliant choice for kitchen decor. Purple and yellow kitchen decor bring the happines and increase the creativity. In this case we can use the contras color because cooking activity need some inspiration. So cook with happines in purple and yellow kitchen decor.

Purple and yellow table decorations is the one of many decorations that you can try in your house. You can imagine how sexy this color will be match, of course with your creativity. Then choose the chair with the same color to make a perfect combination for your peuple and yellow table decorations.

In the other side, purple and yellow also the best choice for baby shower. Purple and yellow baby shower decorations bring the happines to your baby. Like what i said above, the combinationbetween purple and yellow baby shower decorations with their own personality bring a briliant effect. The bright from yellow bring the happines for your baby, and the mystery of purple bring another creativity.

How To Make A Beautiful Combination Purple and Yellow for Wedding Decorations ?

Wedding is a ceremony to unite two people in marriage. The decoration of wedding usually use the bright color to show the happines. Purple and yellow wedding decor is the one of many color that we can choose. Maybe we can change the regular white candles to purple and yellow decorations candle at the front of the ceremony site. One of wedding ceremony is wedding reception. Wedding reception held to entertain guests after wedding ceremony, the host provide food, drink and some live music or anything else.

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If you choose purple and yellow wedding decorations the first thing that you should do is plan for your invitations. Then you should pick up matching thank you cards for after the wedding. Mixed bouquets featuring purple and yellow color alternatively, bridesmaids can hold the flower with the same color of their dress. The entertainment for your wedding like wedding DJ can using yellow spotlights on the dance floor. You can add some baloon in your decorations, once again make sure they match the rest of the purple and yellow wedding decorations color.

Wedding decor also about the wedding cake design. A traditional can can have purple and yellow for its color. Purple and yellow wedding cake will be so beautiful and glamour, because the yellow carry the spontanety characther and purple carry the mystery characther. You can also paint the table with this color. Purple and yellow wedding table decorations should cover in one primary color and add the secondary color. Don’t forget to matc the table and the chair in either purple or yellow.

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