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Awesome Modern Shower Room Design Ideas

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a good shower, whether you’re after an early morning wakeup, a midday rejuvenation, or a hot blast to relax the muscles after a long tiring day; standing under that strong stream of droplets just takes some beating. So with that in mind, don’t our beloved shower rooms deserve an extra special piece of our attention? Of course they do. Forget about the standard meager sized shower heads that dribble out an apologetic and spluttering jet, and the bog-standard off-the-rack cubicles that imprison you in their boring surrounds. We are talking about the world of wonderful waterfall shower heads that drench us in a soothing downpour, open plan settings that are inspired by nature, and just plain gorgeous shower room designs.

Awesome Modern Shower with Blue LED Light Shower

1. Not everyone has the luxury of an enormous shower room like the one pictured here, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from its striking décor. Large slate gray tiles look great even in a small room, as large tiles generally increase the look of space in confined quarters. In this example, striking color is washed over the top of the sombre ceramics in the form of bright blue LED lighting. LED lights are great for use in bathrooms, and programmable sets will even allow you to change their color to suit your mood or the time of day.

Awesome Modern Shower Minimalist Attic Bathroom with Glass Wall Ceiling and Windows

2. There’s nothing quite as liberating as taking a shower in the great outdoors, but if your location or typical weather forecast doesn’t allow this luxury, then how about one of these dual aspect windows that look both out and up, forming a cutaway of your room for an outdoor effect.

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Awesome Modern Shower Apartment Minimalist Space

3. This master suite really has it all: a serene sleep area, a walk-in closet, and a truly enormous shower taking center stage.

Awesome Modern Shower Masculine forMen with Waterfall and Grey Marble Tiles

4. Another great application of LEDs make this shower room stand out, but lets hope the inhabitants of the next skyscraper over don’t own binoculars.

Awesome Modern Shower Outdoor Bathroom with Mini Waterfall

5. Admittedly this shower head is of minuscule proportions, but just look at how serene it’s sun dappled surroundings are.

Awesome Modern Shower Outdoor Bathroom with Stone Tub and Natural Plant Decor

6. Another beautiful open air bathing area–though you had better be good at stepping stones if you forget your flip-flops, journeying in and out of the tub over that harsh pebble floor could be painful!

Awesome Modern Shower Natural Outdoor Bathroom with Plants

7. This has got to be both the prettiest and most practical solution to outdoor showering, incorporating a softly sweeping decked walkway that is privately shrouded by nature itself. There is even a handy place to perch your shower potions, perfect.

Awesome Modern Shower with Pnk Lighting

8. This traditional room receives a blast of modernity in the form of a vivid pink pop.

Awesome Modern Shower for Small Space BAthroom

9. This unusual layout gives the shower its own stage.

Awesome Modern Shower White Attic Bathroom with Surfboard Decor

10. A bespoke shower screen results in a seamless look in awkwardly shaped rooms with sloping ceilings.

Awesome Modern Shower Ovale Shape Glass Wall Luxurious Touch

11. Drama can be created within even in the most simplistic décor.

Awesome Modern Shower Black Bathroom Tiles

12. Open plan en suites make bathing a fluid continuation of the everyday bedroom based dressing regime.

Awesome Modern Shower Grey Bathroom Colors for Wood Attic House with Bedroom for men

13. Another stylish open plan en suite.

Awesome Modern Shower White Bathroom with Towel;s Rack Space and Mosaic Tiles

14. Don’t forget the towel storage!

Awesome Modern Shower Masculine Grey Bathroom for Mens

15. These patterned tiles provide an eye-catching contrast against plain wall tiles. It’s an unusual choice but the gamble really pays off in creating a superb stand-out scheme.

Awesome Modern Shower Minimalist Small White Bathroom with White Curtains

16. Simple and serene.

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Awesome Modern Shower with Modern Corner Tub

17. Over tub showers can be walk-in too.

Awesome Modern Shower Small Space and Furnitures

18. An in-shower bench provides a handy shelf space.

Awesome Modern Shower Brown Bathroom Colors with Hardwood Flooring

19. A stunning irregular checkerboard effect has been achieved in this shower enclosure by teaming different shades and cuts of the same tile material together. An extruded shelf fits perfectly with the look.

Awesome Modern Shower with Shower Side by Side

20. A bit like a human car wash, only you have to soap yourself.

Awesome Modern Shower Futuristic Bathroom Shape

21. How about a futuristic pod shower?

Awesome Modern Shower Natural Plant Wall and Waterfall

22. An indoor outdoor look.

Awesome Modern Shower with Pink LED Shower Lighting

23. This looks like something out of the Starship Enterprise transporter room, beam me up Scotty!

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