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Attractive Patio Kitchen and Garden -TV GARDEN DESIGN AT TV2

It was a wonderful experience to be allowed to be part of TV2’s new suite Hagetid , which began this spring. 6 different outdoor spaces would be created, with different designers to each project. Thought maybe you would know a little more about my thoughts behind the design, as well as see some pictures and Hope this can be an inspiration ^_^

By inserting a large glass panels next to the fireplace, one can sit on the couch and enjoy the view of the garden and water, whilst still sitting by the fire next door.

Beautiful, fresh Episcopal hats in a big concrete pot and straw hats on the wall creates summer mood right? Lounge furniture is comfortable and the fabric on the cushions tolerate well both sun and rain.

With close (removable) seiltak and proof walls on several sides, it quickly becomes comfortably warm if using the mobile gas fireplace in the garden room. The fireplace has wheels, and can therefore be used in the dining area when needed.

«Bridge» between the terrace and the garden room I drew in wood in the rough dimensions, and mounted on its side. Painted the same dark color as the house becomes an exciting contrast to the decked terrace at large.

In just a short time will the terrace which is the same material as the housing wall (Siberian larch, treated with jernvitrol) get the same silver-gray shade on the planking, and the patio will blend even better with the premises. The great apple fruit tree has large decorative leaves, and the fall will be in leaking contrast to the black and gray house when the leaves turn orange and there comes lots of red berries on it.

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Over the kitchen sink, I wanted a practical shelving system. Organize is Norwegian design, and matched perfectly to herbal pots, suspension and varied storage.

Hope you enjoyed the patio!

Source: thereseknutsen

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